FrogFuel Review

 Last week we were fortunate enough to receive a box of FrogFuel Ultra and a box of FrogFuel from Frog Performance for our athletes to sample. Our core athletes used in this review range in age from 23-51 years of age and have athletic backgrounds from soccer, track, basketball, football, motocross, cross country, and other sports. Occupations include college students, nursing students, engineers, law enforcement, contractors, city employees, state employees and others as well so the subjects sampled were as diverse as possible with the exception of they all have the goal of fitness in common.
 FrogFuel Ultra was first sampled, it was a simple 1 ounce gel shot we took as we all were setting up the equipment needed for the days workout. After set up we began warming so the FrogFuel Ultra, that is absorbed within 15 minutes would be in our systems come go time. The FrogFuel Ultra with its specifically designed supplements was largely responsible for helping us grind out something as demanding and with such extreme workload as our training for the day was actually two separate ones to really test the ability of the FrogFuel. Deadlifts are a very taxing lift on the body so we did multiple sets of hex bar deadlifts before moving on to sumo deadlifts and finishing with regular deads. We increased the weight each set with two of our athletes actually having personal bests within the lift and rep range. Normally a 45 minute session of deadlifts would be a days worth of work but for review we still had to continue with some sled work. The sled work involves pushing a weighted sled as fast as possible and increasing the weight every set. 30 yards for multiple sets before ending workout with more sets at 60 yards. Training for the day was over at this point so protein was necessary and that's when the 1 ounce gel shot of FrogFuel was sampled as we went on a 5 minute cool down walk. 
    Overall we believe in this product and will continue use. Taste was good. Athletes stayed in an intense workout. Recovery was exceptional as following day group had minimal muscle hangover, far less then expected. Each box has 24 servings and is about $2 a serving. We have been anxious to sample this as its convenience, value, and fast absorption is appreciated by us and our busy lives. This clinically proven product will have so many applications in other aspects of our lives as well. Thank you Frog Performance for this opportunity.
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